Rainy days could harm the economy, study finds

DNVN - A team of scientists from Potsdam discovers that the number of wet days and days with extreme rainfall is negatively correlated with economic growth. According to their study, which has just been published as the journal Nature's cover story, the manufacturing and service sectors of wealthy nations are the hardest hit.

DNVN - Climate change impacts a vast array of economic sectors, ranging from crop damage to cooling failures in cloud-based data centers. Uncertainty exists as to whether a country's economy can recover annually from these impacts or whether global temperature increases cause permanent and cumulative effects on the market economy.
DNVN - When it comes to online shopping habits, conventional wisdom holds that customers gravitate toward the most highly rated products. The difference between a 4-star average rating and a 4.5-star average rating could be significant when buyers decide whether or not to click the "Add to Cart" button.