Businesses are optimistic about the economy's future

DNVN - According to a survey by the General Statistics Office, up to 85% of businesses have a positive outlook for the business environment in Q4, while 15% are pessimistic about the future (GSO).

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According to the survey, 44.9 percent of businesses anticipate an increase in customer new orders in Q3, while 13.8 percent predict the opposite.

The order indicator was estimated to be 31.6 percent in the non-State sector, 30.8 percent in the FDI sector, and 26.4 percent in the State sector.

It's important to note that 20.2 percent of businesses anticipate more employees on the payroll in Q3, while 9.3 percent anticipate a decrease.

Illustrative image.

Illustrative image.

According to the GSO, rising domestic steel prices were a result of China's declining steel production and exports as well as the high demand for construction materials.

Due to an increase in the cost of other materials brought on by rising gasoline prices, the situation had become worse.

The GSO urged the government to take immediate action to stabilize material prices, expedite construction projects, and make it easier for businesses to access State capital.

6,500 firms in the processing and manufacturing sector and 6,799 in the construction sector are included in the survey. There were 6,315 respondents from the latter group and 5,635 from the former in Q2.

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