Can Tho expects its GRDP per person to reach $11,000 by 2030

DNVN - Can Tho, a Mekong Delta city, aims to increase its per-capita gross regional domestic product (GRDP) to 9,400-11,000 USD by 2030.

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In accordance with a plan of the municipal People's Committee, the city will strive for a yearly GRDP expansion of 7 to 7.5% between 2025 and 2030. The service sector will account for 56,5-56,7% of the GRDP, while industry and construction will account for 34-34.3% and agriculture will account for 3.4-4%. The rate of urbanization will increase to 80%. By 2045, Can Tho will be an ecological and modern city with unique Mekong Delta characteristics, ranking among the most developed cities in Asia.

Can Tho expects its GRDP per person to reach $11,000 by 2030.

Can Tho expects its GRDP per person to reach $11,000 by 2030.

In order to achieve this, the city has established a number of solutions, including restructuring the economy in tandem with changing the growth model in order to strengthen the application of innovation and science. The e-government system, smart city, digital economy and society, as well as the green and night economies, will receive special consideration.

Priority will be given to the development of high-tech and high-added-value supporting industries that are capable of participating in the global production network and value chains.

The city will work to improve the quality of traditional service industries and develop new ones with high potential and added value, as well as facilitate the formation of centralised logistics service providers in terms of warehouses, transportation, and large airports.

The city will also fulfill its role as the scientific and technical service center for agricultural, forestry, and aquatic product production and processing in the Mekong Delta. In the first half of this year, Can Tho's GDRP increased by 8.04 percent, the highest increase in the past three years. It ranks second among the five centrally administered cities in the country.

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