Dan Phuong festival highlights Hanoi's OCOP and agricultural products

DNVN - The Hanoi Agricultural Products Festival 2023 concluded with an official closing on November 19, following four thrilling days of events that drew in over 80,000 visitors.

Powerful financial giants may play a critical role in preventing the next pandemic / OCOP exhibition features over 1,000 agricultural products

To introduce and promote agricultural products, OCOP products, tourism, and cuisine from Dan Phuong, Hanoi, People's Committee of Dan Phuong and Hanoi Promotion Program (HPA) collaborated to organize the 2nd Hanoi Agricultural Products Festival, which took place from November 16th to November 19th, 2023.

Numerous activities aimed at connecting markets and locating outlets for products were coordinated throughout the event. Furthermore, the Dan Phuong District Food Festival, the demonstration of 56 pots of 100L porridge in the presence of 280 participants, setting of a new GUINNESS Vietnam record, and the demonstration of banh te and sesame salt rice balls are included. Folk activities such as kite-making experiences, traditional kite-flying festivals, pot-breaking, and ring-throwing games are available to visitors.

Visitors experience activities during the festival.

The program's distinctiveness is derived from its utilization of Ham Rong Temple and the ancient Nhue River as promotional spaces in conjunction with regional landmarks. Dan Phuong has since highlighted the region's distinct cultural values, including both tangible and intangible cultural features.

Nhue River at night.

As a result of meticulous and targeted communication efforts prior to the occasion, the event attracted over 80,000 visitors who were keen to experience it. It is anticipated that the units participating in the event will generate nearly 20 billion VND in total revenue. Organized activities are professional, leaving a lasting impression on visitors, which is an important premise to consider when planning expansion events.


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