Fortinet APAC Operational Technology Security Summit 2024

DNVN - The Fortinet APAC Operational Technology Security Summit 2024, held on March 20th, successfully concluded, showcasing the latest advancements in operational technology (OT) security.

The virtual event brought together industry experts to discuss the importance of protecting endpoints, implementing effective security controls, and mitigating threats, with a special emphasis on the need for cyber resilience in the era of artificial intelligence.

Throughout the summit, participants explored customer stories and strategies for securing critical infrastructure, with insights drawn from a diverse range of attendees across the region. The discussions underscored the growing focus on cybersecurity within the manufacturing sector, as highlighted in a recent report by the Manufacturers Alliance and Fortinet.

This report indicates that while there have been improvements in cybersecurity over the last three years, challenges persist in addressing the heightened risks faced by industrial companies.

The Fortinet OT Security Summit tackles challenges head-on and equips participants with the knowledge and tools to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that safeguards your entire production network, from legacy systems to cutting-edge technologies.

Fortinet is famous with the Fortinet OT Security Platform - a comprehensive suite of security products and services designed to protect industrial networks, which offers:

Deep Visibility: Gain a holistic view of your entire IT and OT environment; Zero-Trust Security: Implement security policies that require continuous verification.; Security Operations Center (SOC): Centrally manage security across your IT and OT networks.; Secure Networking: Consolidated networking solutions with AI-powered security to protect your network edges.

FortiSwitch Rugged 424F: Industrial-grade switch designed for power utilities.; FortiAP 432F Access Point: Secures Wi-Fi connectivity for hazardous environments.; FortiExtender Vehicle 211F: Wireless gateway for connected fleets and mobile OT deployments.; FortiOS with OT View Dashboard: Provides a unified view of IT and OT security data.

Security Operations & Services: Detect threats, investigate incidents, and remediate vulnerabilities. FortiAnalyzer: Delivers OT-specific security analytics and reporting; FortiNDR: Analyzes network traffic for malicious activity across various OT protocols; FortiDeceptor: Deception technology to identify and isolate threats in OT environments...

Fortinet is now standing out as a leader in OT security with its commitment to Industry Leadership, Continuous Innovation and Unparalleled Threat Intelligence.

As the convergence of IT and OT continues to accelerate, Fortinet remains committed to leading the way in OT security innovation. The company's integrated approach to security, powered by real-time OT threat intelligence, enables customers to establish a zero-trust model and securely facilitate IT/OT convergence. With the continued evolution of OT security solutions, Fortinet aims to stay ahead of threats and ensure the safety of critical infrastructure in the face of ever-changing cybersecurity challenges.

Thu Trang

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