Protection of personal information should be brought to the attention of individuals

DNVN - In response to questions from deputies about the disclosure and sale of personal information on social networks during the 14th meeting of the National Assembly (NA) Standing Committee, Minister of Public Security Gen. To Lam emphasized the need for individuals to protect personal information, especially in the cyberspace.

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Lam stated that the problem of personal information disclosure in the world and Vietnam is alarming, despite the fact that the legal corridor on this issue has not been completed and people's awareness of the protection of personal information remains low.

Therefore, the Ministry of Public Security has implemented a number of solutions, beginning with the construction and refinement of a legal corridor for the protection of personal data.

He stated that the ministry is submitting a decree on personal data protection to the Government for approval, and plans to study and consult with the Government in order to submit a law on personal data protection to the National Assembly for promulgation.

At the session.

At the session.

To increase public awareness of the need to protect personal information, the minister also emphasized the significance of stepping up outreach. According to him, the ministry is dealing with thousands of attacks on the national database of population, the majority of which originate from abroad.

In response to deputy Cam Thi Man of Thanh Hoa province's question about limitations in the field of cybersecurity, Lam highlighted five problems, including an incomplete legal corridor; impractical coordination between units and agencies in cybersecurity; ineffective and untimely inspections on cybersecurity; the majority of foreign legal entities' platforms, over-the-top (OTT) media services, and social networking applications not having representative offices in Vietnam; and a lack of human resources.

Lam added that the ministry will promote the activities of the National Steering Committee for Cybersecurity and Safety, improve the inter-sectoral coordination mechanism to handle cases collaboratively, complete the legal corridor, and increase the qualifications and equipment of the cybersecurity and high-tech crime prevention and control forces.

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung stated, in elucidating several matters of general concern, that false information in cyberspace is primarily found on cross-border platforms.

Regarding institutional improvement, Hung reported that a number of decrees governing the management of cross-border platforms have been revised and are anticipated to be issued in the third quarter of 2022.



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