By 2030, Vietnam plans to have 16 new national rail lines

DNVN - By 2030, 16 new national lines in Vietnam with a combined length of about 4,802km are anticipated to be part of the country's railway network.

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According to the Ministry of Transport, the planning for 2021-2030 includes the modernization of seven existing lines with a total length of 2,440 kilometres. By 2050, there will be 25 new rail lines totaling 6,354 kilometres in length.

As a result of the planning, the completely upgraded and expanded network will connect strategic economic areas and corridors, urban centres, international sea ports, border gates, and airports across the nation, according to a ministerial official.

Vietnam will add 16 additional rail lines by 2030 (Illustrative image).

Vietnam will add 16 additional rail lines by 2030 (Illustrative image).

Rail transportation has numerous benefits. It requires less land, has minimal environmental impact, and transports a large quantity of goods and passengers. It is also quick, secure, and inexpensive.

However, the budget for railway investment is enormous, whereas the State budget is constrained. Due to the low financial efficiency of railway investments, the sector has a difficult time attracting capital from society. /.

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