2023 Quintessence of craft villages, Hanoi OCOP products: Fostering agricultural economy growth

DNVN - "Quintessence of craft villages, Hanoi OCOP products 2023" was jointly organized by Hanoi Promotion Agency (HPA) and the People's Committee of Phu Xuyen from October 26 to October 29.

OCOP exhibition features over 1,000 agricultural products / Dan Phuong festival highlights Hanoi's OCOP and agricultural products

The purpose of the event is to facilitate the promotion and introduction of agricultural products, processed foods, OCOP products, handicraft products, and the essence of Phu Xuyen, Hanoi, and other provinces nationalwide.

Concurrently, the event aims to connect tourism promotion activities, thereby preserving the value of traditional craft villages and enhancing brand value; fostering trade connections and product consumption between Hanoi and other provinces and cities; bolstering socioeconomic development, production value of agriculture and tourism services.

Delegates visited craft village booths.

It is anticipated that the event will provide participating units with an opportunity to extensively advertise ecotourism-related brands, products, and agricultural models to tourists and consumers in the capital, thereby fostering agricultural economy growth, economic development, the preservation of village community spaces, cultural traditions, tourism, and natural products.

Comprising 220 booths, more than 1,500 lines of agricultural products, processed foods, and typical OCOP products from Phu Xuyen, Hanoi, and 15 provinces and cities across the country, the organization's entire space is exquisitely designed as an open area, featuring numerous models and rural and agricultural landscapes that are emblematic of agricultural tourism and convey a strong sense of place in order to entice attendees to participate in program activities.

In particular, Phu Xuyen district displayed 218 OCOP product lines, typically pearl mosaic and lacquer craft villages of Chuyen My commune, the weaving of Phu Tuc commune, the garment craft of Van Tu commune, and leather and footwear, high-end wooden furniture, silk weaving, metal mechanics,... Especially, there are typical craft villages such as the only To he craft village in Vietnam, Xuan La - Phuong Duc.

Visitors can take part in national intangible cultural heritage performances during the activity days, including drum performances, Ca tru singing, cheo singing, and other performances that showcase the skills of artisans from To he (Phuong Duc) and Co Te craft villages (Phu Tuc).

In addition, numerous folk games, including pot smashing, tug of war, duck catching, sack jumping, and performing arts, are organized to attract attention from visitors and create a fun and united playground.

Statistical data indicates that the program days witnessed an approximate count of 40,000 visitors, shoppers, and transactions, resulting in a cumulative revenue of nearly 2 billion VND.

The program is a meaningful activity in response to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development's 2023 Festival of Conservation and Development of Vietnamese Art Villages. It is critical to preserve, develop, recreate, and preserve this activity. Concurrently, fostering a connection between product consumption and the socioeconomic development of Hanoi and Phu Xuyen.


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