Noi Bai airport anticipates 80,000 travellers on peak day in January

DNVN - The Noi Bai international airport in Hanoi anticipates serving 450 flights and up to 80,000 passengers on the busiest day of the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday (Tet) travel season. Tet is Vietnam's largest and longest traditional festival.

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However, this number has not yet surpassed the highest daily passenger count during the summer of 2022. More than 104,000 passengers, nearly 93,000 of whom were domestic travellers, utilised the airport on June 25.

A number of international airlines plan to resume flights this winter, and the number of international flights to and from Noi Bai is expected to increase significantly during Tet.

Noi Bai airport anticipates 80,000 visitors during peak day in January.

Noi Bai airport anticipates 80,000 visitors during peak day in January (Illustrative image).

During the peak period, it is anticipated that 220 international flights carrying approximately 22,000 passengers will arrive and depart the airport daily. The numbers are equivalent to roughly 70% of those recorded during the same time frame in 2019 prior to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

More check-in counters and security facilities will be opened and operated at full capacity, IT advances will be used to calculate peak hours in each area, and coordination with the transport police will be strengthened to regulate transportation around the airport, among other activities, in order to meet the expected high demand.

According to a recent dispatch, officials, civil servants, public employees, and employees of State administrative and socio-political organisations will have seven days off from Friday, January 20 to Thursday, January 26 for Tet celebrations. It is anticipated that travel will increase in the days leading up to Tet.

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