By mid-February, Vietnam's trade value had reached 72 billion USD

DNVN - The General Department of Vietnam Customs reports that the country's total trade value between January 1 and February 15 was over 72 billion USD, with export turnover at 37 billion USD and a trade surplus of almost 1.7 billion USD.

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Notably, the nation's export revenue totaled 13.44 billion USD just in the first half of February.

The four export product categories that saw a "billion dollar" turnover during the reviewed period were phones and components, computers, electronic products and components, machinery, equipment, tools and spare parts, and textiles and apparel.

Vietnam’s trade value reaches 72 bln USD by mid- February (Photo: VNA).

Vietnam’s trade value reaches 72 bln USD by mid- February (Photo: VNA).

The import turnover was 12.38 billion USD in the interim. Computers, electronic products, and component parts, as well as machinery, equipment, tools, and spare parts, were two categories of imports in the "billion dollars" group.

The nation's total trade value increased to a record high of USD 730.2 billion USD in 2022.

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