Link to Grow: Fostering trade promotion in Central provinces

DNVN - Series of events connecting trade between the businesses of Vietnam's North Central provinces and the import-export enterprises of Laos and Thailand; along with the investment, trade and tourism promotion programmes "Link to Grow", between Hanoi and Quang Binh and central provinces were organized from July 7 to July 10.

Dan Phuong festival highlights Hanoi's OCOP and agricultural products / 2023 Quintessence of craft villages, Hanoi OCOP products: Fostering agricultural economy growth

Hanoi Promotion Agency (HPA)coordinated with Quang Binh Industry and Trade Promotion Center to organize the Conference "Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion Hanoi and the Central provinces - Link to Grow".

"Link to Grow" seeks to foster collaboration, cooperation, investment, trade, and tourism between North Central provinces of Vietnam and the city of Hanoi. By doing so, it assists businesses in the promotion and introduction of their products, facilitates connections, enhances awareness-raising efforts, effectively implements the campaign "Vietnamese people use Vietnamese goods," and promotes tourism development cooperation programs between Hanoi and Vietnam. Nationwide, internally with provinces and municipalities.

The Department of Industry and Trade of Quang Binh province coordinated with the Agency for Regional Industry and Trade under the Ministry of Industry and Trade and related units to open the North Central region - Quang Binh Rural Industrial Products Fair 2023. The purpose of this occasion is to foster cooperation, investment, trade, and tourism between Hanoi and the North Central provinces, with a particular focus on Quang Binh province, while also showcasing their respective strengths and potential.

With the support of the national industrial promotion fund 2023, businesses, industrial promotion service organizations, and trade promotion organizations in the region and Quang Binh province, the fair features 300 booths, 200 of which are rural industrial establishments.

The exhibition features a diverse range of products, including those of manufacturers and businesses operating in various sectors and industries (e.g., agriculture, forestry, fishery, craft village products, food, and processed food). These items are characterized by their exquisite forms and intricate designs.

The fair is an opportunity for rural industrial establishments, businesses in the North Central region, and businesses from Laos and Thailand to meet, display and introduce their products, increase investment cooperation, and increase product consumption, according to a representative of the organizing committee.

Numerous one-of-a-kind tourism offerings are introduced, including tours that offer fresh perspectives by incorporating Hanoi's cultural and historical artifacts. Additionally, distinctive and traditional handicrafts from the traditional craft villages of Hanoi are displayed in preparation for future collaborations with numerous provinces and cities.


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