Vietnam’s small and medium enterprises delegation will go to Colombia to explore the market

DNVN - March 28, the Colombian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam led by Chairwoman Claudi Zambrano had a meeting with leaders of VINASME on the cooperation program to study market between businesses of the two countries, which emphasized the plan to bring Vietnamese SMEs to Colombia to exchange and cooperate.
In the meeting, Mrs. Claudi said: After the end of her term as Ambassador of Colombia in Vietnam at the end of last year, some Colombian businesses established the Chamber of Commerce of Colombia in Vietnam and asked her to lead this organization.

“Therefore, during the visit to Vietnam this time, in addition to meeting and asking for a schedule with Vietnamese authorities and business associations such as VINASME, we meet businesses to present and inform the establishment of the Colombian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam", said Mrs. Claudi.

Affirming the good relationship between the two countries, as well as many cooperation opportunities for businesses to learn and do business with each other, Mrs. Claudi said that this organization has supported some Vietnamese enterprises in importing Colombian products. These are wood, flower and fruit companies. However, she believes that, in addition to these products, Vietnam - Colombia also has potential in many other areas.

Mrs. Claudi Zambrano (center) - Chairwoman of the Colombian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam.

Mrs. Claudi Zambrano (center) - Chairwoman of the Colombian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam.

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Currently, Colombian businesses want to find Vietnamese distributors for their products. However, Vietnamese enterprises also look for distributors in Colombia. Therefore, the Colombian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam is happy to support businesses from both sides.

Regarding the opening of representative office in Vietnam, she shared: The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam will assist in understanding the procedures for opening representative offices.

"We hope after the representative office is officially established in Vietnam, we can send invitations to businesses and through VINASME to member companies to become members of our organization. We look forward to providing the most necessary information about Colombia's market, and Latin American countries to Vietnamese businesses to be able to access this regional market, "expressed Mrs. Claudi.

Given that Vietnamese SMEs are more likely to export large-scale, the chairwoman informed VINASME that the first operation of this organization is to organize Vietnamese business delegations to Colombia next September.

On that occasion, there will be seminars that not only Colombia units participated in the presentation, but Colombia wants the Vietnamese side to send representatives to introduce at the seminars on market opportunities and cooperation potentials, export ability of Vietnamese enterprises to the Colombian business community.

Overview of the meeting.

Overview of the meeting.

The Colombian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam can also become a bridge between VINASME and Colombia’s SME associations. Accordingly, the Colombian Chamber of Commerce is willing to share information related to seminars held in Colombia as well as to share with Colombian businesses about trade fairs and seminars organized by Vietnam.

Appreciating the ideas of Mrs. Claudi Zambrano, Mr. To Hoai Nam - Standing Vice Chairman and General Secretary of VINASME said: VINASME will seek Vietnamese partners for Colombia.

Mr. To Hoai Nam (black shirt) - Standing Vice Chairman and Secretary General of VINASME shared at the meeting.

Mr. To Hoai Nam (black shirt) - Standing Vice Chairman and Secretary General of VINASME shared at the meeting.

"To find suitable partners for Colombian businesses, what we need most is information. Therefore, we assign the Economic - Trade Promotion Committee to be the focal point to receive information about Colombian businesses. This committee will then cooperate with VINASME’s female entrepreneurs association and other functional departments to complement", proposed Mr. Nam.

According to Mr. Nam, the visit of Vietnamese business delegations to Colombia is a very good idea, and he strongly supports it.

"We will try to organize a delegation of 30 to 50 businesses. After today’s meeting, we can discuss in detail to prepare relevant procedures for the visit in September, " shared Mr. Nam.

Mrs.Vu Thuy Nga, President of the female entrepreneurs association of VINASME expressed her desire to receive information about Colombian businesses in advance.

“Our members are trading different items and we hope to know which area the Colombia side are looking for. During the visit in September, businesses from both sides will meet and exchange relevant information”, said Mrs. Nga.

Agreeing to the proposal of Mrs Nga, Mrs. Claudi said that the Colombian side entrusted Ms. Do Kim Chi - Representative of the Colombian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, to receive information from both sides. If Vietnamese enterprises want to contact with any Colombian business, the Chamber of Commerce of Colombia will be a bridge for them.

Mrs.Claudi added that the two sides need to outline which areas are most interested in by businesses, so that we will focus on priority areas for effective collaboration.

With the suggestions from both sides,VINASME and the Colombian Chamber of Commercial in Vietnam expressed their willingness to help businesses, especially SMEs due to the great commercial potential of the two countries.
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