9 outstanding events in 2018 of Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises

DNVN - Coordinating with some commercial banks to support small and medium enterprises to access capital, holding a Conference on Enterprise Dialogue on administrative reform and assessment of 1 year implementation of the SME Support Law... are 2 of 9 outstanding events of VINASME in 2018.

The 3rd Conference of the Central Executive Committee of VINASME, term III of 2016 – 2021 / VINASME and OECD discuss about policies to support Vietnamese SMEs

As follows:

1. Coordinating with some commercial banks to strengthen support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to access capital.


After signing an agreement with Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) on the deployment of 10 trillion dong package for SMEs as a member of VINASME in 2017, VINASME and BIDV continue to promote the implementation of a 10 trillion package to provinces and cities nationwide in 2018 to help members of VINASME quickly access preferential loans to expand production and business stability. Also in 2018, to help members of the association have more options for borrowing packages in accordance with their business development plan, VINASME signed an agreement with Lien Viet Post Bank (LIENVIETPOSTBANK) on April 19, 2018.(See more)

2. Promoting foreign affairs and strengthen international cooperation.


In 2018, VINASME welcomed many international delegations from countries such as Korea, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Hungary, Canada, Mongolia ... and some international economic groups such as Google and IFC. Thereby, promoting the connection of commercial investment between Vietnamese enterprises and foreign companies; helping Vietnamese businesses to expand markets, enter into joint ventures and promote brands. (See more)

3. VINASME signed an agreement with the General Department of Vocational Education.


On April 2, 2018, VINASME and the General Department of Vocational Education signed a cooperation program. Accordingly, VINASME and the General Department of Vocational Education will enhance the role, responsibility and effectiveness of coordination in strengthening the connection between vocational training institutions and small and medium enterprises in accordance with career education law; Promote cooperation and linkage between small and medium-sized enterprises and vocational training institutions to strengthen cohesion to improve the quality of vocational training, forming a coordination mechanism for both parties to join the education and training effectively and sustainably; Promoting the role and potential of small and medium enterprises in training activities, improving training quality; create the best conditions for small and medium enterprises to participate in vocational education activities. (See more)

4. Organizing the 8th "National Entrepreneur - Entrepreneurship Art" Exhibition - 2018 in the North - Central - South.


This is an activity that has been maintained continuously for the past 7 years by the association and it has become an annual activity to encourage and promote the development of cultural and artistic movement in businesses and entrepreneurs all over the country. The event has become an attractive new playground and attracts more and more entrepreneurs and businesses to participate. At the same time, this is a place to exchange and create links, open up many directions of business cooperation. (See more)

5. More business delegations to meet leaders of the Party, State and Government.

Since its establishment, although there are many difficulties and challenges, VINASME always fulfills the tasks assigned by the Party, State and Government, representing the small and medium-sized business community over the country. Being a transmission bridge to reflect the difficulties and problems of the small and medium-sized business community; helping the Party and State and the Government make timely decisions for enterprises (See more)

6. Organizing the Celebration of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs Day 13 October.


On October 13, 1945, after the young Democratic Republic of Vietnam was born, President Ho Chi Minh wrote a letter to the Vietnamese trade and industry. In this letter, Uncle Ho emphasized the great role of the industry and trade in the construction of the country. On September 20, the late Prime Minister Phan Van Khai signed a decision to select 13/10 as "Vietnam Entrepreneur's Day". Since then, October 13 is the traditional day of Vietnamese entrepreneurs and has always received the attention of the Party, State and Government leaders. On October 9, 2018, at Hanoi Opera House, VINASME celebrated the Vietnam Entrepreneurs Day 13 October - The "Art of Entrepreneurship - Nationwide Enterprise", the Eighth, in 2018. Attending and speaking the direction of the Ceremony were Mr. Truong Hoa Binh - Politburo member - Standing Deputy Prime Minister. (See more)

7. Organizing the 11th “Cooperation – Connection and Enterprise Development in the North” conference in 2018 in Quang Ninh province.


With the topic "Strengthening the role of enterprise associations in supporting sustainable SMEs", the forum attracted more than 500 representatives including leaders of ministries, departments, sectors; representatives of relevant agencies of Quang Ninh province; central and local press agencies attended and reported. In particular, the participation of delegations of 25 Northern provincial enterprise associations and more than 200 delegates representing businesses and investors; together with the participation of credit institutions, commercial banks. (See more)

8. Organizing the 3rd Executive Committee, Term III of 2016-2021.


On December 20, VINASME organized the 3rd Conference of Executive Committee of Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (Term III of 2016 - 2021) in Hanoi. On behalf of the Standing Committee, Mr. To Hoai Nam - Standing Vice Chairman and Secretary General reported on the performance of the last 1 year of the SME Association and the operation plan of 2019. (See more)

9. Organizing the Conference "Dialogue with enterprises on enterprise-related administrative procedures reform in 2018; assessment of 1-year implementation of SME Support Law"


In 2018, VINASME coordinated with the Advisory Council for Administrative Procedure Reform of the Prime Minister and Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV), organized “Conference on dialogues with enterprises on administrative procedure reforms related to enterprises in 2018 directions, tasks and solutions in 2019 and Assessment of 1 year of implementing the SMEs support law". This was a chance for the government and its departments to listen to the opinions of enterprises regarding the reform of the government's administrative procedures to cut down on business conditions, specialized inspection procedures, customs, tax procedure reforms and access to land, credit. (See more)

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